Miniature light Blue vase

by Di Luca Ceramics

Decorative ceramics vase made with the Raku technique.
The miniature are entirely made on the wheel.
Each vase is bisque fired and Raku fired in the Raku kiln.
A Raku little-size-crackle light blue glaze is applied to the vase.

Would you like to know more about this technique?

  • Diameter 2 cm
  • Height 4 cm
As you know Raku firing creates all the time unique and unrepeatable pieces.
I take care of all the processes involved: from the design, to the choice of the best clay, from glaze's recipes to the extraction of the pieces from the Raku kiln.
I leave my mark on all my pieces for you to recognise my “design”.
My Raku firing arts have unique features:
  1. A characteristic smell of smoke created by the firing process
  2. A tactile sensation thanks to the smoothness of the surfaces
  3. A colour contrast which represents my personal style
  4. A different pattern on each side of my piece of art that makes it peculiar
It is something nice to have for yourself or a special gift for a good friends.
Each art is made by me, Denis Di Luca in my studio in Urbino, in the heart of the Marche region, Italy.
All the pieces are marked with my Di Luca Ceramics stamp.

Care Instructions:
The Raku pieces are not frost proof so they are not suitable for outdoors.
It is recommended to gently wipe the surface with a cloth to remove dust. 
If you would like to polish my pieces I recommend you to use a liquid wax to guarantee a shiny result and prevent yellow spot due to humidity.
Raku art are low fired so extremely fragile. Additionally, they are not watertight, therefore, not suitable for any kind of food.