Small rectangle plate, SPLASH

by Di Luca Ceramics


Functional ceramics rectangular plate made with High fire glazes.
Plate made in high fired stoneware and glazed for function in Di Luca Ceramics studio.
Each piece is bisque fired and fired in the gas kiln in a full oxidation cycle with a Natural cooling cycle.
A white glaze is applied on the outside and coloured glaze is splashed in a side.

• Lenght 14 cm
• Width 10 cm
• Height 3 cm

As you know using High Fire Glaze firing creates useful and durable pieces 
I take care of all the processes involved: from the design, to the choice of the best clay, from the making process to the glaze's recipes.
I leave my mark on all my pieces for you to recognise my “design”.

My Stoneware firing arts have unique features
1. Simple and Unique design 
2. Each Glaze has a different character and tone, to either be a contrast, or be in harmony with the food or drink you placed on it

3. Because their look is so unique, the ceramic pieces are not only useful, but definitely also decorative.

It is something nice to have for yourself or a special gift for a good friends.
Each art is made by me, Denis Di Luca in my studio in Urbino, in the heart of the Marche region, Italy.
All the pieces are marked with my Di Luca Ceramics stamp.

Care Instructions:
Each piece is made to be used, designed to be as comfortable and pleasing as possible, and finished in handmade unique glazes. 
Made from high fired stoneware clay that is strong and durable, food, microwave, and it is recommended to wash the pieces by hands but is possible use also the dishwasher.  
The Stoneware pieces are frost proof so they are suitable for outdoors.
All the photos relate to the specific piece you are intended to buy. No standard pictures are used on my website.