The Stoneware is a clay that has to be cooked at 1200-1300°C. It is possible to find this clay in nature or to create it through a mixture of different types of clay. When the product is finished the pieces can be used for liquids, as the high temperature will stop the risky element. This technique is functional because it allows you to create everyday objects. Bisque is fired to 900-1000°C and the second fire is in the electric kiln. It’s also possible to fire it with gas or wood in the kiln.

The last two types of firing allows the regulation of oxidation and reduction inside the kiln therefore you get different results with the same glaze. During the process of reduction the CO and CO2 will absorb the oxygen included in the metallic oxide inside the ceramic materials. The loger the pieces stay without oxygen, the more the type of kiln will change the results. For this reason, it is difficult to create the same effect. The electric kiln is the best choice to obtain a standard result and the possibility to repeat the same colour. With regards to the colours, it is possible to create personalised colours with chemical recipes or by buying ready made ones. With this type of technique it’s easier to reproduce a sequence of very similar pieces in comparison to the Raku techniques.


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